I am sending  two snaps showing mounds of garbage at the entrance of the new foot overbridge of Kopar Rly station in the East & on the path leading to the station and Balaji Gardens. This is also just outside the Railway office (Dombivli ) building and stock/stores yard.

Earlier this place was very clean. But suddenly people started throwing garbage and dirty items. Just below is the nullah/major drainage outlet. If these mounds of garbage block the drainage flow, I am sure in the event of a heavy monsoon, there could be severe flooding in the area.

The Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corpn. may not even be aware of theis garbage pile up, since this has begun in the last few months.  Hence I would like to draw the attention of the KDMC authorities to send their garbage collecting van to clean up this place. In fact they must put up a board with a strong message telling people not to throw any garbage and threatening to fine anyone who is found littering.

With heavy monsoon around, high time this area is cleaned up for once & for all.

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