CJ Tshultrim Wangdi sent us this video and the pictures via e-mail of students of the Sikkim Government College Tadong protesting against police high-handedness after they were lathi-charged by the police and members of Indian Reserve Batallion (IRBN) for taking out a rally against the hike in the semester fee. Earlier this week, hundreds of students had marched to HRD office in Gangtok to demand the roll back of the fee hike. The fee, according to CJ Tshultrim, was increased by four-fold margin for the new academic year.

Our partner group, Seven Sisters Project (http://sevensistersproject.org/) confirms the news about protests in this post. According to the website, many students were injured during the clashes between protesters and the police. The fee hike has been rolled-back but students are now demanding action against the SP and IRBN jawans.

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