Editor's Note: CJ Seema tracks the story of an 8-year-old boy who comes to sell vegetables in her locality in Delhi. Concerned by the plight of this young boy, Seema goes on to find about his life. Watch her earlier video (mentioned on the link below) about this boy as she talks to him for the first time. 

Video: Eight-year-old child selling vegetables in East Delhi

Again I recorded this video of a boy selling vegetables when he was passing through my locality. His parents are no more and is forced to do this job to earn money. I spoke to him and asked about his life, about what he want to do. He says, his father died due to electrocution and his mother died becuase of some diseases. What he said was shocking and the events has changed his life forever. He hails from Rajasthan and has been brought here by his aunt to work.  I want to share this video to all the viewers and also appeal that something should be done for children like him who are struggling everyday.



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