The peaceful Mysoreans have risen to make their voices heard in an otherwise din and cluttered atmosphere, and doing so they are with complete peace. The peaceful candle light protest held at K.R. Circle last evening saw people from various age groups and professions join their hands and unite their voices as they appealed to the President for stricter laws and the need to educate people to bring about a change in mindsets.

Devoid of any political flavor, this lawful protest saw the coming together of young students and professionals as well as the aged. There were men and women equally expressing their anguish over the insecure state of women in the nation and demanding better administrative and judiciary norms for any such unfortunate cases.

The protest which began around 5:30 PM and had more and more protesters trickling down even as the clock struck beyond 7:30 PM, was peaceful from beginning to end. With police having ensured all measures for maintaining calm, people present too showed restraint.

About more than thousand people signed the petition to be sent to the President.

Amidst these teeming candles, there is a ray of hope that if the young and old unite the way they do now, future might not be as dark as it seems now!


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